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How To Enjoy Your BevBombs

Heat the milk or coffee.

BevBombs make the perfect hot chocolate with just about any type of milk or non-dairy alternative, but they also make a delightful addition to your favorite hot morning coffee!

Unwrap the bomb.

Remove the plastic covering and reveal the rich, 100%-real chocolate bomb within. No matter what flavor you have, you’re in for a blast!

Unleash the flavor.

Watch for an explosion of gooey marshmallow goodness as your BevBomb melts away and creates the perfect warm beverage.

Cheers to a toasty drink that hits all of the right notes!

The Original Hot Chocolate Bomb

Hot Chocolate BevBombs are made with 100% real chocolate, topped with stripes, and filled with delicious mini marshmallows that add a sweet surprise to every sip!

Simply drop a BevBomb into a hot cup of milk or coffee (watch for the marshmallows as they appear!) and enjoy the richest, most satisfying cup of hot chocolate or mocha you have ever tasted. Made with premium chocolate, A’cappella BevBombs are even delicious on their own! Take a bite and enjoy our smooth, rich chocolate and creamy marshmallows on their own—no cup needed.

Available Now!

BevBombs are exploding in popularity—you will find a variety of flavors and new packaging at a store near you and on our website.

The Original Hot Chocolate BevBombs - Pumpkin Spice The Original Hot Chocolate BevBombs - Pumpkin Spice
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