Debbas Gourmet
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Debbas Gourmet

Customers are looking for unique products, and that's why Debbas Gourmet is dedicated to bring you one-of-a-kind specialty items that fit your brands image and your customers needs.

Award Winning

Guy Debbas and his chocolates have won numerous awards and have been featured in many of the industries leading publications. HERE is an example of some of these accomplishments.

Product Development

To this day, every piece of G.Debbas chocolate is crafted by artisans.  Every single confection is a true work of art, and is distinctly superior in quality and taste.

Research and Consulting

Specializing in innovation and private label, G.Debbas Chocolatier is the source for your exclusive and unique product.

Distinctly Superior

Over 30 years ago, the Debbas family began hand-crafting gourmet chocolate truffles in their kitchen using only the finest ingredients. This artisan tradition is continued today with G.Debbas Chocolatier. Food scientist, chocolatier and glacier mixologist, Guy Debbas, has dedicated his life to creating a unique collection of the finest artisan chocolates. These gourmet chocolates are distinctly superior in flavor and quality. G.Debbas chocolates are created using all-natural ingredients with no preservatives and no compromises. A special blend of cacao beans is carefully formulated to achieve a smooth, rich flavor that can only be found in these multi-award winning G.Debbas chocolates!

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