Debbas Gourmet

Our Story

Debbas Gourmet is dedicated to an ageless tradition of excellence.

Forty years ago, the Debbas family brought the great heritage of byzantine art, food and culture across the sea and began hand-crafting gourmet chocolate truffles in their kitchen using only the finest ingredients. 

This artisan tradition is continued today with Debbas Gourmet.  Two generations of culinary artists have traveled the world mastering the craft of global cuisine in order to create the finest chocolate and gourmet fares distinctly superior in quality and taste.

Guy Debbas

Studied Food Science at California State University, Fresno. While
completing graduate school he contributed a thesis on ice cream production and
another on agriculture self-sufficiency in Lebanon, which was published in An-

For the past 38 years, Guy has been working in the chocolate arena focusing on
product development, marketing, and sales. Currently he heads his company,
G.Debbas Chocolatier, an innovative venture into the art of hand-crafted artisan

Guy and his products have been the subject of many published articles and many
of his products have graced the covers of several industry magazines, such as MC
Manufacturing, Coffee & Tea, Parade, and Martha Stewart Living Magazine. 
In 2005, Guy was named “Chocolate Trend Setter” by Candy Industry, as he has
always been at the forefront of innovation. Most notably, he was the first to
introduce “chocolate truffles” to the United States, bringing his international food
knowledge to the US market. Guy was also voted by his peers to be the best
chocolate innovator in the industry (2001) and was asked to be a guest speaker at
the Natural Food Show, presenting on “The Real Challenge of Functional
Confections” (2005).

Favorite Chocolate Pairing: Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Gianduja

Max Debbas

Having been in the candy industry his entire life, Max studied under many of the best chocolatiers in the world.
Studied Mass Communication/Journalism: Electronic Media Production, with an emphasis in Marketing and Journalism.  Masters of Arts in Informational and Educational Technology.
Published Thesis on Authentic Collaboration and featured on VoiceThread Higher Learning Research 

Dedicated to innovation and flavor, Max has traveled the world documenting chocolate processing and culinary arts. 

Working in Research and Development, Max has launched many successful product lines across verticals such as Specialty Stores, Online Sales, Mass Market, and Private Label.

Products have been featured in Candy Industry, Top 5 ECRM Products, duPont Registry “Best Chocolate,” Subscription Insider.

2014, Candy Industry named Max and Guy, “Innovators, Not Imitators.” 

Serves as an Adjunct Professor at CSU, Fresno.

Favorite Chocolate Pairing: Marzipan and Dark Chocolate